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Who We Are

We are scholars and students working and studying in Warsaw, Moscow, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Cologne. Our program is possible because we receive the support of our faculties that provide our students access to the courses of the best scholars at our faculties — according to the individual interests of our students. Each of our faculties has its own history and its own strengths: The Faculty “Artes Liberales” has been founded in 2008 building on a much longer success story of pioneering and award winning interdisciplinary studies in the humanities at the University of Warsaw. We owe our idea to a large extent to this experience. The Faculty of Humanities at the Research University Higher School of Economics is the youngest and possibly the most dynamic and liberal faculty of humanities in Eastern Europe. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Cologne is the largest of its kind in the German speaking world, offering a broad range of courses from we will select every semester a pool  for the double degree program.

We are cooperating with further institutions in Eastern, Central and Western Europe. The Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade was the first faculty to become an associate member of CIH in 2017, with the aim of a full accreditation of CIH in 2021. The Faculty of Arts of Ljubljana University joined CIH in September 2019.

We are further cooperating with the the University of Sofia, the University of Leuven, La Sapienza (Rome), the University of Padova and the University of Bratislava. CIH Students, who spend at least one semester at the University of Cologne, can spend one semester at these universities on the basis of Erasmus exchange programs. Our close cooperation guarantees that all CPs gained at the universities will be acknowledged in the CIH curriculum.