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Digital Humanities in CIH

Since October 2017, CIH students can chose in the frame of the Specialisation Module 3 (“Specialized Language Skills”) courses at the Institute of Digital Humanities. They have two option:

Option A:

14445.0001 “Advanced IT Basics” combined with 14445.0004 “Digital Objects Processing DOP - CMS vs. Digital Library”

Option B:

14445.0002 “Advanced Web Basics” combined with 14445.0003 “Tools & Methods in Digital Humanities”

The two seminars can be attended in one or in two semesters. Students will write an exam at the end of the semester.

Option A can be attended without previous knowledge in Digital Humanities. Students are asked to bring their own laptop. 

Option B can be attended without previous knowledge over the course of two semesters. Students who wish to attend both courses in the same semester must have experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript 

Students who successfully complete all four seminars (i.e. option A and option B) can obtain the IT certificate of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in addition to the CIH diploma.

Further information can be found on the website of the Institute for Digital Humanities