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Your Stay in Cologne

We would like to make you stay in Cologne as pleasant as possible and to you feel at home in the Domstadt. Therefore, we are trying to find students and families who will rent a room to CIH exchange students.

We also cooperating with one very special college that offers more than just a room. The International College “Campus Müngersdorf” offers to female students who stay for at least 6 months very beautiful rooms not far from the University and very close to one of the most beautiful parks. It aims to create the atmosphere of a British college. We have met the young people who are running the college and were very impressed by there idea — which matches many of the aims of CIH: To create a peaceful space of learning with a sense of community which is not obliging but built on mutual respect. The Campus Müngersdorf has been founded by the Catholic Church but it hosts students of all confessions and all from all parts of the world. We recommend you to take a closer look at the website and to get in contact with the administration referring to CIH.