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Philological and historical work does not exist without inspiration, maybe we engage in it because it is one of the richest sources of inspiration. Learning in the field humanities we discover works of the past and find teachers and ideals in distant time and space. Some of our teachers lived centuries ago and we believe that they stretch out their hands.

We believe that best experience of learning and researching in the humanities is to become part of a space of dedication and learning in which we meet fellow students and teachers of our time who can become a source of inspiration and with whom we can share inspiration and knowledge.

The program “Cultural and Intellectual History between East and West” is the attempt to make sharing inspiration and knowledge between East and West easier—and an invitation to contribute to the shaping of the first space of this kind – an international university degree between Eastern, Central and Western Europe.

You are welcome to send us your ideas for new investigations (workshops, excursions, …) no matter if you are enrolled in CIH or not. We will support you to share your inspiration with us.