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“Study as if you would live forever, live as though you would die tomorrow”

In order to support your stay at the partner universities we are closely cooperating with the Centre for International Relations of the Faculty of Art and Humanities in Cologne as well as with the central International Offices of our universities. Our aim is to offer to all students a place in the dormitories during the semester abroad. 

We have designed the “standard track” in way that the students of all participating universities will spend at least two semesters together as a group. This will give you only not only the opportunity to develop a sense of a scholarly community but also to share your free time together and to discover at least two cities together — four capitals of their countries and the capital of carnival.

Students who chose to spend their semester abroad in Cologne, study at UzK in the second semester (the summer semester). In turn, UzK students will spend the third semester at our partner universities. 

In Cologne, our guests can attend a pre-semester language course in German between mid/late February and early April (which is credited with 6 CP and can be chosen as CM 3).