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The following study plan refers to the standard track. Students of the free track have even more freedom and can complete any module at any of the participating universities. 


Semester 1

Cultural Contacts (12 CP)

Polish / Russian / German (6 CP)

Ancient Language (6 CP)

Supplementary Module (6 CP, for UzK students)      




pre-semester German Intensive Course (mid February until early April)

(for HSE / UW students at UzK,
 6 CP)***


home university

Semester 2

Cultural Heritage I (12 CP)

Essential Skills (6 CP)

Polish / Russian (6 CP, for UzK students)***

Supplementary Module (6 CP)



Semester 3

Cultural Heritage II (12 CP)

Specialized Language Skills (6 CP)

Scholarly and Didactic Practice (12 CP)


Semester 4

M.A. thesis (incl. colloquium)


* Students of HSE in the standard track who chose to spend the semester abroad in Warsaw, spend the second semester at UW.

** UzK students spend the third semester at HSE or UW (depending on their specialization in Russian or Polish). Students of UW in the standard track who chose to spend the semester abroad in Moscow, spend the third semester at HSE.

*** Students from HSE / UW can attend the pre-semester German Intensive Course (6 CP) before the start of the semester. In this case they can chose an additional supplementary module in semester 2.