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Application at the University of Cologne

CIH is open to students with B.A. degrees from a broad range of disciplines in the humanities. Program languages are English, German, Polish, Russian, Serbian and Slovene. At the time of application, you need to proof know­ledge of English at the level C1 as well as knowledge of one Slavic standard language (e.g. Russian, Polish, Serbian or Slovene) at the level B1. This language will normally be the language of the University at which you will spend the semester abroad. In the “standard track” you will have reached a level of B2 (or higher) by the time at which you will begin the semester abroad. In the “free track” you need to prove a knowledge at the level of B2 (or higher) of the language of each host university at the time of registration at the host university. Some CIH Seminars are conducted as multi-lingual seminars, i.e. each participant can express his ideas in the language of his choice. Essays and exams can be written in English or in the language of the university at which they are submitted.

You can proof your knowledge of English on the level C1 with one of the following certificates:

a. TOEFL, Internet-based Test (iBT): 95
b. IELTS-Test: 7
c. Cambridge English Qualifications: C1 Advanced (ehem. Cambridge English: Advanced, CAE)
d. telc-Zertifikat: C1
e. TOEIC: 490 (listening), 455 (reading), 200 (writing), 200 (speaking)

Please consult the website of the Master admission office for further information.

Please contact Ms Sylvia Strick in the Master admission office for further informations.

Please contact us if you are already enrolled in a M.A. program. We might be able to acknowledged CPs earned in your M.A. program.

All CIH students participate in the competition for DAAD grants for a semester in Warsaw, Moscow, Belgrade or Ljubljana. They are also eligible for all Erasmus exchange grants offered by the Slavic Institute. For further information please visit our page on funding opportunities.

Please feel free to contact us with all questions.